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benefits of good documentation

benefits of
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Many companies see documentation as a necessary expense. However good documentation can actually pay for itself, even amplify the value of your product:

“Good documentation acts like a beacon, lighting the way for your users”

Unlocks your product’s power

Well-written instructions unlock the potential of your product by explaining how to make full effective use of its outstanding features. Many hi-tech products contain superb features that most users never use because they cannot figure out how to use them; often they don't know they even exist.

Add value to your product

Good documentation is an essential part of the complete package, not an afterthought or last-minute addition. You designed your product with high design values and attention to detail – now apply the same standards to your documentation.

Sell more products

Good documentation increases customer loyalty and ensures that they will buy your other products in the future. It can also be a great selling tool for prospective customers because it gives them a clear idea of how they might use your product, and what they could achieve with it.

Reduce time spent supporting your product

Quality user information is the most cost-effective way of answering the questions that your customers will encounter when using your product; otherwise they’ll call you for the answer, a far more expensive solution.

Build confidence in your quality

Customers will often subconsciously judge the quality of your product by the guides provided with it because they determine the first impressions. With well-designed, accurate supporting information the customer will deduce that the product was designed and produced to the same high standards.

Deliver on your promise

Are you currently carrying through the expectations created by your sales literature and advertising? Good documentation enables your customers to achieve the results that your advertising promised.

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