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Our writers have been documenting hi-tech products across a wide range of fields for nearly 20 years, and we have hundreds of satisfied customers who have come to appreciate the benefits of outsourcing. Here are some of the reasons they came to Human-Computer Interface:

“How can anyone else understand our product well enough to document it?”

Free resources needed for product development

Producing documentation in-house usually ties up key members of your team, including the product developers, and sales and marketing staff, and this can be the case even if you have own in-house documentation team. Outsourcing the documentation minimises the load on your in-house staff, freeing them to concentrate on your core business.

As outsiders we understand your customer’s perspective

The team associated with the development of a product is often too familiar to the product to be able to appreciate what the customers are going to find difficult to understand. As outsiders we can see the product from the customer’s point of view, and address their needs in the most effective way.

Provide fixed price for easier budgeting

At Human-Computer Interface we always provide a fixed price quotation for each documentation project, making it easier for you to budget for it as part of your project plan.

Cater for fluctuations in demand

We can bring a team of writers, designers, and production staff to work on your documentation, allowing it to be created more quickly and efficiently than an in-house writer could achieve.

Highly acclaimed documentation that users find easy to follow

Human-Computer Interface has developed a reputation for documentation that is well designed, clear, and easy to understand by its users. Our manuals are often acclaimed by reviewers as being a model that other documentation companies should follow.

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