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Curious Software — World Maps map animation package

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Curious World Maps enables designers in the professional video and broadcast industry to create presentation quality maps from the whole world down to a single city block. Curious World Maps incorporates built-in databases of the world licensed from Bartholomew, together with world-wide relief data provided by the US Geological Survey.

Creating a map is simply a matter of selecting the countries, regions, and places you want to include and then specifying how they should be displayed and animated. The program is already being used to create high quality maps by a number of broadcasters including ABC World News Tonight, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Met Office.

To support the product Human-Computer Interface developed a comprehensive HTML help system, context-linked to the software, to provide in-depth information about each of the program’s features. The project involved producing both HTML-based help, for the Windows version of the product, and Mac Help, for the new Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X versions of the product, and a system was developed enabling both help files to be generated from a single set of sources.

For more information visit Curious Software at:

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