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Nucleus IS-Stock Audit is a software package that manages the process of auditing the stock in a store or warehouse, using handheld barcode data capture terminals. As the stock is scanned the data is periodically downloaded into the Stock Audit program for analysis, and a series of screens is provided to help the auditor identify problems and complete the audit as efficiently as possible.

Because the software is invariably run on-site, in the store or warehouse being audited, it was essential to provide comprehensive on-line help for the product, so that the auditors would have immediate help at their fingertips.

Zetes (formerly Peak Technologies) commissioned Human-Computer Interface to design and author a series of Windows HTML-based help files, providing an Overview of the program, Reference information, and tips on using barcode data capture terminals.

The separate help files were compiled together to provide a single high-level table of contents, together with a comprehensive index. This also gave Zetes the option of compiling in additional technical support information, to allow information to be added at a later date.

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