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The SoundServer audio products from Imerge are the ideal solution to providing instant access to your CD collection, for music throughout your home. These hard disk based units can store up to 5000 CDs and play them on demand. The tracks are organised by artist, album, track, or genre, with information about each album downloaded automatically from the Internet.

The top-of-the-range M1000 SoundServer can play music to up to 16 rooms simultaneously. The S1000 SoundServer is a single-room version with the added benefit of a TV display that allows you to select music from a list of albums, tracks, or artists.

To achieve this power and capacity each SoundServer incorporates an advanced Linux-based computer, but despite this the stylish design and easy operation through the front panel or remote control make it completely at home among other consumer products.

Imerge commissioned Human-Computer Interface to design, write, and print the documentation for the SoundServer range of products. They wanted accessible guides that reflect the high design values of the range and are desirable and attractive objects in their own right. The guides adopt a user-friendly, step-by-step approach with clear front panel or screen displays showing the customer what to do at each stage in setting up and using the products.

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