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Insignia Solutions developed a range of software that successfully emulates a Windows PC on a range of other platforms, including Macintosh and Unix.

Insignia Solutions originally commissioned Human-Computer Interface to redesign their user guides for these products, and the first step was to create a design style and approach that would work with all the products in the Insignia range, both consumer and professional. Guides were developed for the original range of SoftPC products, and the newer range of SoftWindows and RealPC products.

The guides take a clear, step-by-step approach to installing and using the products, with illustrations showing the user what to expect in each stage of the procedures.

On-line versions of the guides, in Adobe Acrobat format, were also produced, to be provided on the installation CD-ROM.

For more information visit Insignia Solutions at: http://www.insignia.com/

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