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The Envoy radio microphone system consists of a range of compatible UHF transmitters and receivers which can be set up and checked remotely via infra-red control, using a miniature infra-red controller. Small enough to be carried on a key ring, the controller lets you switch the units on and off, check the battery status, or configure the operating frequency of the units when using several sets on one location.

The Envoy range includes a handheld microphone with a built-in transmitter; a pocket transmitter for use with a separate microphone, such as a clip-on microphone; a pocket receiver for use with a tape recorder or separate VCR; and a receiver designed as a plug-in module for the latest camcorders from Sony, Philips, and Ikegami.

Audio Ltd also provide AudiR, a program designed to run on PalmOS organisers, which provides a plot signal function to plot the signal strength and a scan function to display a frequency scan on the organiser’s LCD display.

Audio Ltd’s radio microphone products are widely used in the professional film, television, and broadcasting industries, and have been used on a number of major feature films.

Audio Ltd commissioned Human-Computer Interface to design a user guide to provide instructions for setting up and using each of the products in the Envoy range together with comprehensive technical information, and wiring diagrams for each of the associated cables. The guide was designed in a convenient pocket format so that engineers can easily carry it while working on location.

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