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Meridian have recently launched a totally new series of audio products called the G Series, which includes state-of-the-art DVD players, digital surround processors, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and CD players.

The G Series products are designed from the outset to work together as a system, and to emphasise this system approach Meridian commissioned Human-Computer Interface to develop a single System Guide designed to explain how to use any combination of products in a simple user-friendly way.

Many of the G Series products are multi-function, and the front-panel controls change to reflect what functions you are using:

For example, the G91 DVD player also includes a preamplifier and radio tuner. So our approach in writing the System Guide was to explain how to use a particular function, such as play a CD, rather than how to use a specific product. The result is a user guide that makes it easy to select a source, use the radio, play CDs and DVDs, and use the surround processing features, irrespective of which particular combination of products a user has in their system.

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