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Moritex Europe — PalmScope video capture device

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The PalmScope is a self-contained video capture device, which stores video frames on a removable CompactFlash card and allows you to preview them on a built-in LCD display. It can store over 240 images on a low-cost 32Mbyte CompactFlash card, or many thousands of images on a 1Gbyte IBM MicroDrive card.

It is designed as a convenient and more rugged alternative to a VCR or computer-based video capture system in applications such as engineering, maintenance, quality control, medical diagnosis, inspection, fault-finding, forensics and security. A typical application is routine aircraft maintenance, where an endoscope is used to capture images showing the extent of wear on aircraft turbine blades.

Moritex Europe Ltd commissioned Human-Computer Interface to design an intuitive user guide for the PalmScope, explaining how to capture and replay images, including details of the image gallery feature which provides a convenient way of displaying 16 thumbnail images at a time. The guide also includes details of transferring images to a PC for subsequent editing or printing.

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