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Colour image files, such as digital photos, include a colour profile which describes how the colour values in the file should be interpreted, ensuring that the digital image is displayed correctly on a monitor or printed correctly on a colour printer.

However, designers often have to deal with colour images with an inappropriate profile, or no profile at all. Previously the only solution was to try applying a series of different profiles to the image, which is time-consuming and error-prone.

To address this problem TypeMaker developed Colour Confidence What Profile?, an application for the Macintosh that can be run stand-alone or accessed through a Photoshop plug-in. It allows you to view an image with its original profile, and compare up to four source or destination profiles in a single window.

After selecting an appropriate profile you can then resave the image with the correct profile.

Human-Computer Interface developed the User Guide for What Profile?, providing step-by-step instructions for using it to achieve perfect results in a range of different colour management applications.

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