who we are

Human-Computer Interface is a technical writing and information design consultancy consisting of a small team of technical writers, designers, and production staff, based in the centre of Cambridge, England.

The company was established in 1986 by David Johnson-Davies in response to the need for high-quality, user oriented, professionally produced technical documentation.

By combining clearly presented information with original design, we have acquired a reputation for producing technical documentation that is both user friendly and visually interesting.

Although traditionally referred to as technical writing or technical authoring, we prefer to describe our work as information design, as this reflects our belief in the importance of good design, layout, and illustration in making technical information easier to understand.

From the beginning we have specialised in documenting technical products in the following areas:

  • Consumer equipment
  • Professional equipment
  • Consumer software
  • Professional software
  • Web-based systems

what we do

Our work focuses on the following types of documentation and information design:
  • User guides
  • On-line help
  • User-interface design
  • Web design

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benefits of good documentation

It's obvious that you need to provide instructions with your product. but does it matter how good they are?

benefits of good documentation

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why outsource?

five myths

Are you struggling to produce the documentation for your product? Is this because you have misconceptions about documentation?

five documentation myths.

how we work with you

Read about how our team approaches a typical technical writing or information design project:

how we work with you

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