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The way we work with you is designed to ensure that we give you the best, most appropriate documentation for your product and the needs of your customers. We will typically proceed in the following ways:

Advise you on what components you need

The first step will be to find out about your product, your customers, the target market for your product, its key selling points, and the level of experience your customers have. We would then advise you on what combination of printed guides, on-screen help, or other components is ideal for explaining your product to your customers.

Ensure that the documentation meets your needs, timescales, and budgets

Before we start work we will provide you with a fixed price quotation together with schedules and timescales, to ensure that when you work with our team the package we produce meets your requirements in every respect.

Work with your product

As we work we will interface with your developers, and work with a copy of your product on loan, to get the level of understanding necessary to explain your product in detail.

Write and design

The next step will be for us to write and design information that really adds value to your product by enabling people to use it fully, that continues to sell it to your customers by reaffirming that they made the correct purchase, and that reflects the qualities and design values of your product.

Ensure accuracy and completeness

At each draft stage we will provide you with a complete draft to check for accuracy, and our own internal quality control and project management procedures ensure that the final product will be to an extremely high standard of technical accuracy, quality, and user-friendliness.

Maintain the documentation

We appreciate that in the hi-tech field products evolve rapidly, and one release of documentation will soon be out of date as new features are added to the product, or it is developed to improve its performance. We develop all our documentation using the latest desktop publishing and help authoring tools, using techniques that ensure that it is easy to maintain and update at any stage.
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